San Antonio Underground Fencing Installation

Dogs are naturally curious creatures.  They often want to explore the world around them, and that includes what’s outside of your yard.

When it comes to keeping your dog inside your yard, a traditional fence may not be enough.  Dogs love to dig and jump, and either direction would be fine with them to get out and explore.  And if they get out while you’re not at home, this could lead to a long night of searching and calling for your beloved pet.

One of the simplest solutions to keeping your dog confined to your yard is to have an underground fence installed.  Underground fencing is humane and quick to install without altering the landscape of your home.

How Does Underground Fencing Work?

The actual fencing is simply a series of wires buried around your yard around the area you want your dog contained to.  Connected to the wires is a transmitter that sends signals to a special collar your pet wears.  These signals are auditory first followed by behavior interruption.

Once installed, you will need to work with and teach your dog to listen for the warning tone emitted by the collar as he approaches the boundary.  If he tries to leave the boundary, he will receive a safe but surprising static correction from the collar.  This will remind him to remain in the yard.

This static correction should not be confused with a shock from a shock collar.  The electric impulses received from the collar causes a mild tingling sensation on the dog’s skin that gets his attention making this a safe option to keep your dog in your yard.

To have your underground fence professionally installed, please call us today at 1-800-DOG POOP (364-7667).

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